Hiya. Raven. 19. I'm longing to feel the sun's rays glint off the sea and lick my hungry skin.
There is love and kindness in this world, but you have to prove that it exists.
I love all of you endlessly! I'm here to listen so tell me anything. Come and say hello to me queridos! :)
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Keep the flame going for those we have lost to suicide. 


One of my favourite photos. I love the decoration and her body language




Urubici - Santa Catarina (by Guilherme Schaefer)


relatable quotes on your dash
" Come sleep with me: We won’t make Love,Love will make us. "
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Transparent white Lotus.

Maang Tikka is a hair accessory held by a hook at the centre parting of the hair, with the pendant falling on the center of the forehead. The point where it falls is believed to be the ajna chakra, which in Sanskrit means “to know or perceive”. The chakra is represented by two petals signifying the holy union of the male and female elements on a spiritual, physical and emotional level.